The Ionia Platform API follows the REST architectural style and adheres to the principles of resource-oriented URL design, form-encoded request bodies, and JSON-encoded responses. Additionally, the API uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the status of the requests.

To ensure secure access to our API, we offer an OAuth client that allows authentication using the credentials that will be assigned to you upon execution of your agreement. By leveraging this authentication mechanism, clients can securely access the API's endpoints and perform the desired operations.


Development - Our Development platform provides you with a controlled and safe space to create, modify and test out your code against a limited subset of test merchants and non-working cards before releasing you into a live environment. It is designed to facilitate the development and testing of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in an isolated environment, free from the risk of impacting real users or data.

Access to our Development environment is restricted to authorized users with valid credentials. Developers can work on their projects, test their code changes, and perform end-to-end testing of workflows before requesting development certification.

To gain access to the Development environment, developers will be provided with a Development base URL and credentials. From that point the project is self paced, with the Ionia team standing by ready to assist with any questions that may arise during the development process. Once you are ready to certify your development code, you can simply create a new user and run through a comprehensive test of your workflow, testing all endpoints utilized by your system. Once complete, notify the Ionia development team so that they can then review and validate the data before promoting you on to Staging.

Staging - Our Staging environment serves as a testing and quality assurance platform, designed to identify and address any issues prior to promoting you to our Production environment. It is a replica of our live environment, offering a controlled space to test code changes without the risk of impacting real users or data.

By closely mirroring our Production environment, the Staging environment provides an accurate testing environment for our development team. This allows for a thorough end-to-end test of workflows, testing every endpoint utilized in the system. Any issues or bugs can be quickly identified and resolved before being released into the live Production environment.

To gain access to our Staging environment, you will be provided with new credentials and a base URL. Once you are ready for your Staging certification, you can create a new user and run through a comprehensive test of your workflow. Our team will then validate your data and provide new Production credentials upon completion of the Staging testing phase.

Production - The Production environment is the live and active environment where our services are made available to our clients and their end-users. This is the final stage in the development life cycle, where changes that have been tested and validated in our Staging environment are deployed.

Our Production environment is designed to deliver a seamless experience for end-users, with minimal downtime and maximum availability. It closely mirrors the Staging environment in terms of hardware and software configurations, databases, and web servers. This ensures that any changes or updates that have been successfully tested in the Staging environment are ready for deployment to the live environment.

Our team constantly monitors the Production environment to ensure that it is always available and performing optimally. In case of any issues or bugs, our team takes swift action to minimize disruption to end-users.

The Production environment is accessible only to authenticated clients and their end-users who have been thoroughly tested in the Staging environment. This is to ensure that the live environment remains secure and stable at all times.

To gain access to our Production environment, you will receive a new Production base URL and credentials. At which point you are free to launch and go live at your convenience.